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Wiki Journal Club (WJC) reviews landmark studies in clinical medicine, providing a wealth of evidence-based teaching to physicians and trainees. Our contributors range from medical students and residents, to fellows and attending physicians, and from nurse practitioners to practicing pharmacists. The WJC editorial staff is responsible for the comprehensiveness and factual accuracy of each review. Our editorial staff comprises internal medicine and subspecialty physicians with an academic focus. The editorial hierarchy includes Deputy Editors, Associate Editors, and Editor-in-Chiefs, in order of increasing responsibility.

Editorial Staff

Deputy Editors

Deputy Editors are degree candidates (students of medicine, nursing, or pharmacy, for example) with an interest in evidence-based medicine. Each Deputy Editor oversees WJC's coverage of a subspecialty such as hematology or cardiology, or of a more focused topic such as sepsis or minimally invasive surgery. Their primary responsibilities are to contribute content to individual WJC entries with selection guidance by the Editors-in-Chief. For each entry a Deputy Editor brings to an 'In Review' status, WJC will provide an honorarium of $50 US dollars. Deputy Editors contribute a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 reviews per month.

Associate Editors

Associate Editors are physicians and other professional healthcare providers (eg, pharmacists and nurse practitioners) who, like Deputy Editors, oversee WJC's coverage of a particular subspecialty or area of interest. Whereas Deputy Editors provide focused discussion and critique of a WJC entry, Associate Editors are encouraged to provide context and breadth to the Major Points and Criticisms sections. New WJC entries should be selected with guidance by the Editors-in-Chief. Additionally, Associate Editors are encouraged to mentor Deputy Editors when possible. For each study an Associate Editor provides, WJC will provide an honorarium of $75 US dollars. Associate Editors contribute a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 reviews per month to an 'In Review' status.


The Editors-in-Chief are physicians who are ultimately responsible for the editorial oversight of all content published on WJC and in the Journal Club mobile apps. Editors-in-Chief principally serve to further WJC's coverage in one or more subspecialty areas, although their editorial jurisdiction does not have any bounds. Currently, the WJC founders serve this role. Editors-in-Chief do not receive an honorarium for their work.

'In Review' Status

WJC entries have one of three status as they are developed:

An entry which has been started but does not have all of the sections completed as outlined in the WJC rubric
In Review
A complete entry undergoing the editorial review process. This includes reviews for data accuracy, completeness, and writing quality, during which substantive revisions are made by the editorial staff and WJC contributor community.
Once the initial review process is complete and up to standards, entries are published on the WJC website and in the Journal Club mobile apps.

Become an Editor

Interested individuals who are not yet WJC contributors are encouraged to make an account and contribute at least 2 original, high-quality entries. Thereafter, contact the Editors-in-Chief with a brief description of your medical background and subject area of interest, and the entries you've contributed. The Editors-in-Chief will formally review your entries and respond by email with next steps.

Additional Notes

As of 2017, we are piloting the deputy and associate editor positions with a few individuals. Since this is a work-in-progress, these definitions, responsibilities, and honoraria are subject to change.