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Michael Ke Wang, BHSc, MD.

I am an Internal Medicine resident (PGY3) at McMaster University, and the associate editor at WikiJournalClub for nephrology.

My interests include studies pertaining to general internal medicine, cardiology, nephrology, and hypertension.



HOPE-3 (2016): Untitrated rosuvastatin +- Candesartan/HCTZ improves cardiovascular outcomes in an ethnically diverse patients of intermediate cardiovascular risk.

OASIS-5 (2006): Fondaparinux improves mortality compared to enoxaparin in NSTE-ACS.

INTERHEART (2004): Three population attributable risk factors represent the majority of the risk for first myocardial infarction.


EMPA-REG OUTCOME (2015): SGLT-2 Inhibitors improve cardiovascular outcomes in type 2 diabetes.


CORAL (2014): Renal artery stenting does not reduce hypertension in atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis.

EVOLVE (2012): Cinacalcet does not prevent cardiovascular outcomes in hemodialysis patients.

ACT (2011): Acetylcysteine with contrast administration does not prevent nephropathy (CIN).

SHARP (2011): Simvastatin and ezetimibe reduces atherosclerotic disease in stage 3 and 4 CKD.

AURORA (2009): Simvastatin does not improve cardiovascular outcomes in hemodialysis patients.

ACE Inhibitors in Severe CKD (2006): Benazepril slows renal deterioration in stage 4 non-diabetic CKD.


ECST (1998): Carotid endarterectomy reduces stroke or death in symptomatic carotid stenosis over 80%.


ASCOT-BPLA (2005): CCB + ACE Inhibitors (Amlodipine, perindopril) does not independently prevent cardiovascular disease as compared to B-blocker and thiazide (atenolol, bendroflumethiazide).

LIFE (2002): Losartan does not prevent cardiovascular outcomes compared to atenolol, though may reduce rates of stroke.

Infectious Disease/Respirology

Antibiotics for COPD Exacerbations (1987): Antibiotic use in selected outpatient cases of COPD exacerbations improves treatment success rates.

Potential Nephrology Articles

POSEIDON (2014): Hemodynamically guided fluid administration for prevention of CI-AKI.

Integer Score (2004): A simple score system for prognosticating risk of CI-AKI due to coronary angiography.

SYMPLICITY HTN-3 (2014): Renal denervation does not reduce blood pressure compared to sham control.

SuPAR (2015): Soluble urokinase receptor levels predict incidence and worsened progression of CKD in patients with normal eGFR.

PATHWAY-2 (2015): Spironolactone as an effective agent in resistant hypertension.